Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just in case

As Bristol Palin now knows, it's important to use protection at all times. And what's true for Sarah Palin's daughter is equally true for iPhone users. The other day, I bought a $15 Macmosphere case from Popular Bookstore. It's red, ugly and ill-fitting. And the best $15 I've ever spent.

A few days after that, I managed to drop my very expensive hunk of glass and sensitive electronics while walking to Funan Centre, ironically in search of a better case. I was trying to make a call while I was walking when I managed to flick the phone out of my grasp. It flew out of my hands, and actually bounced once on the pavement, before coming to a stop.

Heart in my mouth, I picked up the iPhone. The screen was blank. I restarted the iPhone and thankfully, everything worked, although all my settings were returned to their default.

While I'm eternally grateful to Macmosphere, I am now in search of even better protection. Current candidates include Speck's ToughSkin and OtterBox's Defender, neither of which I've seen in Singapore though. Let me know if you've seen either of these in stores here...

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