Monday, September 1, 2008

Comparing iFlexi vs BBOM speeds (Part 1)

My wife and I have identical iPhone 3Gs. She's on the iFlexi Plus plan (3.6 Mbps) while I'm on BBOM 1000 (1 Mbps). I decided to run SpeedTest on both iPhones to see if we actually get very different download speeds (after all, she's on a much faster plan, for which she is paying much more).

The two iPhones were placed side-by-side on my table at home in Ghim Moh. They ran SpeedTest simultaneously. I ran the tests between 2.55 pm and 3 pm on Monday, Sep 1. Here are the results, which you might find interesting.

Download speeds in Kbps

      on iFlexi Plus Plan          on BBOM 1000 plan

1.              271                            438
2.             349                             340
3.             392                             529
4.             307                             270
5.             300                             337

Upload speeds in Kbps

     on iFlexi Plus Plan          on BBOM 1000 plan

1.               56.5                             69.9
2.              59.4                              56.6
3.              89.3                            184.7
4.            188.5                              79.2
5.              56.4                            127.9

Some initial (tentative) conclusions:

1. Download speeds don't differ very much and on three of the five tests, I'm actually a little faster.
2. Upload times suck in general, though once again, I'm ahead three out of five times.

It's much too early to say anything definitive. I'll be running the tests again to see if we replicate these results. Stay tuned.

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